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Diversify your workforce with fit-based matching

ALiGN is a tool that employers can use to diversify their workforce and expand their pool of candidates with fit-based hiring.

Employers across Canada can use ALiGN as one strategy for addressing labour shortages and building a more diverse workforce. 

Employers can create benchmarks that capture essential characteristics for in-demand roles and connect with job seekers who have completed the ALiGN assessment.

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What do I need to do?

  1. Create your Magnet account and organization profile.
  2. Follow the steps to build and share a fit-based job posting.
  3. Your posting will be shared with job seekers who have completed the Lumina assessment and whose profile matches your fit-based requirements.

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How do I do it?

Create your free Magnet/ALiGN account to share fit-based job postings using existing benchmarks. 

Magnet and Lumina Learning can help you create new benchmarks for in-demand roles. Research and development of new benchmarks is supported by funding from ESDC and IRCC.

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